Men's Fixtures

Men's A Team Fixtures 2019




SAT       APR 27                     BEMBRIDGE A                HOME        2PM


SAT       MAY  4                     SANDOWN A                  AWAY         2PM


SAT       MAY 11                    SHANKLIN A                   AWAY         2PM


WED     MAY 15                     PLESSEY  C                    AWAY         6PM  


SAT       MAY 18                    COWES MED.B               HOME         2PM


SAT       MAY 25                    PLESSEY  B                    AWAY          2PM


WED    MAY 29                      VENTNOR A                   AWAY          6PM


SAT      JUN    8                    SHANKLIN B                   AWAY          2PM


TUE       JUN   18                  VENTNOR A                   HOME          6PM


SAT      JUN    22                  PLESSEY A                     HOME         2PM  


WED    JUN    26                   RYDE MARINA A             HOME         6PM


MON    JUL      8                   PLESSEY A                    HOME         6PM LC GUY


TUE       JUL      9                 COWES MED. A             HOME         6PM


FRI      JUL     12                  SANDOWN  B                 HOME         6PM RIDETT


SAT       JUL    13                 BEMBRIDGE  A               AWAY          2PM  


MON   JUL     15                   RYDE MARINA  A            AWAY          6PM


SAT     JUL      20                 SANDOWN A                  HOME          2PM


MON  JUL      22                   PLESSEY  C                   HOME          6PM


SAT     JUL      27                 SHANKLIN A                  HOME          2PM


SAT     AUG     3                   COWES MED.B              AWAY           2PM


SAT     AUG   10                   PLESSEY B                    HOME          2PM


SAT     AUG   17                   COWES MED. A             AWAY          2PM


SAT     AUG   24                   SHANKLIN  B                 HOME         2PM

SAT     SEP       7                  PLESSEY A                    AWAY         2PM  

Men's B Team Fixtures 2019




SAT     APR    27                   NEWPORT A           AWAY            2PM


SAT     MAY   4                     SANDOWN C           HOME            2PM


SAT     MAY   11                   SANDOWN B           AWAY            2PM


SAT     MAY   18                   SHANKLIN C            AWAY            2PM


THU    MAY   23                   VENTNOR B             HOME            6PM


SAT     MAY   25                   RYDE MARINA C      HOME            2PM


SAT     JUN     8                   SHANKLIN D           HOME            2PM


TUE     JUN     11                 COWES MED C       HOME            6PM


SAT     JUN     15                 COWES MED C       AWAY            2PM


WED   JUN     19                  WARNER A            AWAY            6PM


SAT     JUN     22                 CAMP HILL A         AWAY            2PM


WED   JUN     26                  RYDE MARINA B     AWAY            6PM


SAT     JUL      6                  VENTNOR B           AWAY            2PM


SAT     JUL      13                NEWPORT A          HOME            2PM


MON JUL      15                   RYDE MARINA B     HOME            6PM


SAT     JUL      20                SANDOWN C         AWAY            2PM


SAT     JUL      27                SANDOWN   B       HOME            2PM


SAT     AUG   3                    SHANKLIN C         HOME            2PM


SAT     AUG   10                  RYDE MARINA C    AWAY            2PM


SAT     AUG   17                  WARNER A           HOME            2PM


SAT     AUG   24                  SHANKLIN D         AWAY            2PM


SAT     SEP     7                   CAMP HILL A       HOME            2PM              


Men's D Team Fixtures 2019




WED   MAY   1                    SANDOWN D             HOME            2PM


TUE     MAY   7                   SHANKLIN F              AWAY            2PM


TUE     MAY   14                 VENTNOR E               HOME            2PM


MON  MAY   20                   CAMP HILL C            AWAY            2PM


WED   MAY   29                  NEWPORT C              HOME            2PM


MON  JUN     10                 CAMP HILL C             HOME            2PM


THU    JUN     13               NEWPORT D               HOME            2PM


FRI     JUN      21              BEMBRIDGE E             HOME            2PM Harris Cup


MON  JUN     24                SHANKLIN F               HOME            2PM


WED   JUN     26               BEMBRIDGE E             AWAY            2PM


TUE     JUL      2               VENTNOR E                AWAY            2PM


WED   JUL      10              NEWPORT D               AWAY            2PM


TUE     JUL      16             NEWPORT C               AWAY            2PM


THU    JUL      25             BEMBRIDGE E             HOME            2PM


WED   JUL      31             CAMP HILL C              AWAY            2PM


THU    AUG   1                SHANKLIN F                AWAY            2PM


MON  AUG   5                 NEWPORT C                HOME            2PM


THU    AUG   8               BEMBRIDGE E              HOME            2PM


TUE     AUG   13             VENTNOR E                 AWAY            2PM


MON  AUG   19               NEWPORT D                HOME            2PM


TUE     AUG   27             SANDOWN D               HOME            2PM


FRI      AUG  30              SANDOWN D               AWAY            2PM


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06.07 | 08:00

tai chi please can you forward to sarah newberry
if she can reply to my e mail thank you
times and costs

06.07 | 07:57

Hello please could you tell me if you have a social membership only?thank you
and how much does it cost to join
regards sandra

08.02 | 11:00

Open days are scheduled for Sunday May 19th and 26th 2pm both days at the club. Hope to see you there.

07.02 | 23:55

Do you know the dates of your open days yet as I missed both last year.

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